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Covid-19 Update

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. In order to keep proper social distancing, we have created new steps for filing your taxes listed below.

A) You may drop off your information and all necessary documents through the mail slot. I will call you with results and mail your return back to you to be signed and mailed back to myself.

B) Use our secure online portal as found here on our site. It is as simple as drag and drop, once you hit send, your documents will be delivered as an email in my secured inbox.

C) Mail your documents and information to us through USPS or other courier services with a tracking number. Once completed, I will call you with results and mail your return back to you to be signed and sent back to myself.

D) Fax your info in @ 626-599-8073 fax machines are encrypted. I will call you with results and mail your return back to you to be signed and sent back to myself.

Stimulus Package Info

Individuals who have filed up to their 2018 taxes, with an adjusted gross income of up to 75,000 will automatically receive the full payment of $1,200.

Married couple swho have filed up to their 2018 taxes, with an adjusted gross income of up to 150,000 will automatically receive the full payment of $2,400

There is an additional stimulus payment of $500 for all children under 17.

There are no additional steps needed to receive your stimulus payment as long as you have filed your 2018 return.

Filing Dates

Filing dates have been extended in 2020. July 15th is now the cutoff to complete your 2019 tax return

Since 1960, Baxter Tax Consulting has assisted its clients from all over the United States. Started by Fred Baxter, this family business is now owned and operated by his youngest of seven children, Sandi Baxter Pierson.

Known for her creativity, integrity, compassion, attention to detail, confidentiality, outstanding communication skills, and strong work ethic, Sandi Baxter Pierson delivers results. Adding a sense of humor to the above qualities enhances and enriches your experience with Baxter Tax Consulting. The trust you experience will most likely begin a valued tradition.

An accountant’s work requires a high degree of precision and a certain degree of level-headedness in a detail-oriented environment where minor oversights can have huge consequences on a client’s business. A single digit carelessly added or absentmindedly removed can have a domino effect on how the accounting books look, how decisions are made, and what those books say about the financial health of an individual or company.

The following characteristics allow Baxter Tax Consulting to do the job exceedingly well:

Knowledgeable about the latest accounting rules and theories

It’s not enough to have a solid grasp of the basics. Baxter Tax Consulting constantly stays abreast of the industry’s general accepted accounting principles (or GAAP), as well as any changes in tax law. Attending refreshers, conferences, and seminars helps keep us up to speed on the latest in accounting trends. Technological advancements are evolving at lightning speed. Staying abreast of these changes is critical for our clients and their businesses.

Organized and structured

Staying on top of figures, paperwork, and data requires excellent organization skills. Baxter Tax Consulting saves time because they use a system, which allows them to find the information they need efficiently. Having a manageable structure to follow during the day-to-day workweek frees up our energy and resources to analyze, research, and do number crunching without distraction.

Accurate and detail oriented

These traits are crucial in the work that Baxter Tax Consulting does. Numbers have to be accurate and correct. Performing due diligence is second nature to us.


It’s not enough to have a knack for numbers. Baxter Tax Consulting also understands its clients and the type of business they have. Having a solid grasp of our client’s business requirements and goals enables us to decipher what types of economic methods or accounting rules will meet our client’s needs. Our views and advice will make our clients more valuable to their customers, and build a good reputation that will earn positive recommendations and referrals in the future.

Team player

Baxter Tax Consulting typically works in teams and has face-to-face meetings with its clients and other decision makers on a regular basis. We are, therefore, required to be generous with what we know, sensitive to other’s needs, and be supportive of out client’s goals. We have the history and ability to work well with different types of personalities.


The information we work with is confidential in nature. This is why professionalism is an important trait that Baxter Tax Consulting must always abide. This is the right and ethical way to go about business. Having a reputation for trustworthiness has resonated with our clients, which has resulted in referrals throughout the years. Trust is something that is not easy to build. It is a trait that must be taken seriously in order to earn positive feedback from customers.

Top-notch Communication skills

Having the ability to interpret jargon and complicated accounting concepts into ideas that can easily be grasped by clients is an invaluable trait that Baxter Tax Consulting possesses. We are able to interact easily and get ideas across clearly to anyone. This major asset is what our clients always look for.


A strong sense of integrity and honesty are traits that inspire confidence in Baxter Tax Consulting. We believe that having the ability to be morally upright and live as an upstanding citizen is someone who will most likely obey the rules of law. Being a law-abiding citizen means that this trait will show up in the way in which we provide accounting services.

Managing your business’ finance and accounting on your own is taxing and does not always result in favorable results. With Baxter Tax Consulting’s customized solutions, rest assured that all of your concerns will be addressed accordingly, and, at the same time, will allow you to concentrate on other important factors vital for you and your company’s growth.

A message from Sandi Baxter Pierson:

This website exists to provide clients and potential clients with information concerning my firm and my unique, low-pressure approach to personal and professional services. I have an excellent client-retention rate, and I am extremely proud of the high-quality services that I provide. Please, feel free to browse my website to see the services I offer as well as the many helpful resources I provide. When you are ready to learn more about what I can do for you, I encourage you to contact me.