Since 1960, Baxter Tax Consulting has assisted clients throughout the United States. Started by Fred Baxter, this family-owned business is now operated by his youngest of seven children, Sandi Baxter.

Known for her creativity, integrity, compassion, attention to detail, confidentiality, outstanding communication skills, and strong work ethic, Sandi Baxter delivers results.

Adding a sense of humor and personal touch to the above qualities Sandi offers an enhanced and enriched tax filing and financial services experience.

The trust you experience will most likely begin a valued tradition of collaboration.

An accountant’s work requires a high degree of precision and a certain degree of level-headedness in a detail-oriented environment where minor oversights can have huge consequences on a client’s business.

A single digit carelessly added or absentmindedly removed can have a domino effect on how the accounting books look, how decisions are made, and what those books say about the financial health of an individual or company.

The following characteristics allow Sandi Baxter to do any financial task exceedingly well:

Knowledgeable about the latest accounting rules, regulations and theories:

It’s not enough to have a solid grasp of the basics. Baxter Tax Consulting constantly stays abreast of the industry’s accepted accounting principles (or GAAP) and any changes in current tax law.

Attending conferences and seminars keeps me up to speed on the latest accounting trends. Technological advancements are evolving at lightning speed. Staying abreast of these changes is critical for my clients and their businesses.

Organized and structured

Staying on top of figures, paperwork, and data requires excellent organization skills.

Sandi Baxter saves time because her systems are highly efficient.  Having a manageable structure to follow during the day-to-day workweek frees up my energy and resources to analyze, research, and perform number crunching without distraction.

Accurate and detail oriented

These traits are crucial. Numbers have to be accurate and correct. Performing due diligence is second nature to me.


Sandi Baxter implicitly understands every client’s goals and needs as well as the type of business they may own.

Her views and advice makes her clients more valuable to their customers, and builds a significant reputation that will earn positive feedback and future referrals.

Team player

Sandi typically works one-on-one utilizing face-to-face meetings with its clients (via Zoom) or in person on a regular basis.

Generous with what she knows, sensitive to the needs of others, and supportive of her client’s goals, Sandi has a positive history and prides herself on working well with every personality.


The information Sandi works with is confidential in nature. This is why professionalism is an important trait that Baxter Tax Consulting always abides by. This is the right and ethical way to go about business. Having a reputation for trustworthiness has resonated with our clients, which has resulted in referrals for [years since year=”1960″] years.

Trust is a value that one earns. It requires consistency, attention to detail, and open communication. This is what ultimately builds personal as well as company reputations.

Top-notch Communication skills

Having the ability to interpret financial jargon and complicated accounting concepts are invaluable traits that Sandi possesses.

She is able to interact easily and express herself clearly to anyone. This major asset is what all of her clients expect.


As a potential client, being a moral and upstanding citizen is imperative to Sandi.

She always follows the rules and expects her clients to be law-abiding citizens.

While managing your business finances and accounting on your own is often challenging, Sandi ensures you that the work she performs on your behalf will always be ethical.

All of your concerns will be addressed, allowing you to concentrate on other important factors vital to you and your company’s continued growth.

NOTE:  Sandi is a vital board member of the California Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals. This organization keeps her up-to-the-minute on all tax code updates. Additionally, Sandi is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and is listed as a member of the California Tax Education Council of Sacramento.

Sandi Baxter’s Commitment to You:

When you choose Sandi as your tax preparer, you are forming a working relationship with an established industry professional.

Sandi prides herself on going the extra mile to offer you dependable and responsive service, while giving you peace of mind and making your life easier.

She takes the time to get to know each client she serves, staying abreast of the current and pending tax laws and providing her clients with proactive tax solutions, anticipating your future needs while helping you reduce your tax liability.

This is just the kind of service you’d expect from your local, dependable tax professional.

Sandi cares passionately about what she does, and the exceptional service she provides is a reflection of that dedication.

Whether you are looking for individual tax preparation or tax planning and prep for your business, Sandi would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

While you can’t quantify the value of the personal, responsive service she provides, here are a few numbers that may offer you some insight on how well Sandi performs:

  • Her client retention rate is 98.8%
  • Sandi has been consistently rated five stars by clients with a satisfaction rating of close to 99%.
  • Nearly 100% of my clients have avoided IRS audits. 
  • Sandi has reversed penalties charged by the IRS in nearly 100% of the cases she has represented.
  • Sandi has helped thousands of business owners increase profitability while reducing unnecessary expenses.
  • Sandi has consistently invested more than four times the required continuing education as an accountant and financial planner.

NOTE: This website provides Sandi’s existing and potential clients information about her firm as well as her unique, low-pressure approach to personal and professional services. 

Please feel free to browse through its pages in order to understand the many services and resources that she is happy to offer you.

Kindly contact Sandi at (626) 599-8999 or (562) 588-3873.
Business text only: (562) 357-4253.