Welcome to Baxter Tax Consulting – Assisting you with your tax needs for 61 years!

A message from Sandi Baxter Pierson:

I specialize in financial and tax planning and preparation for all professions, small businesses and individuals.

My company website provides clients and potential clients with information about my firm and unique, low-pressure approach to personal and professional services.

I have an outstanding client-retention rate and am extremely proud of the high-quality services and resources that I provide.

With the increased availability of tax software and pop-up tax prep offices, more and more people are attempting to take cost-saving shortcuts on their income tax preparation. The truth is, there is no substitute for the knowledge and insight of an experienced accountant. In fact, saving money on your tax prep often means losing money on your tax refund.

I am here to provide you with affordable, expert tax prep services… so, you can be confident that you’re maximizing your refund and enjoying an excellent value.

Sandi is reachable by phone, fax, and/or text. Please be patient as she returns calls in the order in which she receives them. Understand that Sandi works with clients nationwide. Therefore, she is working in all time zones. She will not respond by phone or text once the office closes at 6:00 PM.

NOTE: For your convenience I am offering the following services for you when you are ready to send me your tax information:

  1. You may fax your information to me.
  2. You can utilize the secure portal on my website.
  3. You can snail mail your paperwork directly to my office.

Please call me at (626) 599-8999 and I will determine the most safe and fast way to assist you.

***When you are ready to learn more about what I can do to specifically assist YOU, kindly contact me at (626) 599-8999.